Royal Ascot Dress Code

Royal Ascot Dress Code 2022 And Style Evolution

It’s that time of year where Ascot release their Royal Ascot dress code amendments and release their annual style guide. Royal Ascot is often considered to be the highlight of the British social season and is the ultimate chance for racegoers to showcase their elegance and style. We all know how strict the Royal Ascot dress code rules can be but year upon year we see changes outlined their style guide. Here we look at the most recent dress code changes and how style guidelines have evolved over the years.

Royal Ascot Dress Code Changes

Gentlemen Dress Code

It’s usually the case that ladies have more options when it comes to fashion. In the name of equality, this year, the most significant dress code change for Royal Ascot concerns the gentlemen. Previously it was strictly only black and grey morning suits which men could adorn within the Royal Enclosure. However, the updated style guide states that navy suits are now acceptable. This is a big step for gentlemen as it is the first time that coloured suits have been permitted within the dress code for the Royal Enclosure.

As if that wasn’t enough, the style guide now also states that ‘playful’ ties are now also included in the most recent dress code . The most recent style guide also states that block colours and textures are the key trend this season, so best to use this as a guideline when choosing the perfect tie. Remember that the keyword here is ‘playful’ and not ‘novelty’. It goes without saying that racegoers still need to ensure that they look impeccable and not interpret the new dress code rules as a chance to become overly relaxed or informal.

Ladies Dress Code

There doesn’t appear to be any changes for the ladies this year, just the usual dress code rules which we’ve come to embrace. Looking at the style guide images, it seems that bold pastel colours are on trend for the ladies this year, teamed with equally bold but contrasting coloured headpieces.

Royal Ascot Dress Code Changes Through The years

Since Royal Ascot was first established in 1711, the style rules have continued to adapt and evolve with the times. Perhaps the most significant changes within the Royal Ascot dress code both, unsurprisingly, were in relation to the ladies. 1971 saw the inclusion of trousers suits, which was a big step for the dress code considering that it was strictly just dresses for 60 years. This was the biggest change which proved that Ascot was open to reviewing style guidelines in a bid to reflect changes in society.

The second biggest Royal Ascot dress code change for ladies was the introduction of jumpsuits in 2017. The new addition was a shocking but much-welcomed introduction to Royal Ascot with many ladies choosing to opt for striking, luxe jumpsuits in recent years.

For the gentlemen, it was Beau Brummell who set the precedent for the male Royal Ascot dress code back in 1807. He declared for waisted black coats, white cravats and pantaloons to be adorned by all gentlemen. There has not been much evolution in the dress code style for men at Royal Ascot, other than cravats are no longer permitted in the Royal Enclosure.

It always pays to stay alert when it comes to Royal Ascot dress code due to their commitment to move with the times when it comes to fashion. Use the event as an opportunity to dress up and show off your true elegance in a sleek yet creative way on the racecourse.

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